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  • Welcome to Caltec Instrument Services Ltd

    Caltec Instrument Services supply a one-stop instrumentation service to its clients which will meet all UKAS regulatory requirements.

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  • Instrument Calibration

    Instrument calibration services are normally carried out at our client's site. However, we are able to repair instruments at our workshop in Kent.

    Calibration and testing by Caltec
  • Temperature monitoring systems

    Caltec Instrument Services is able supply, install and commission a wide range of temperature monitoring systems to customer requirements.

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  • Ambient warehouse and fridge temperature mapping

    Caltec Instrument Services provide a wide range of temperature mapping services to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industries.

    Fridges & Freezers
    Cold stores
    Storage warehouses and containers
    Transportation vehicles

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  • Control panel testing
    and manufacture

    Caltec Instrument Services is able to design and manufacture a wide range of purpose-built control panels to meet customer requirements.

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  • Instrument supply and repair

    Caltec Instrument Services can supply all your instrument requirements at very competitive prices. Alternatively, our technicians will endeavour to repair your instruments to avoid the expense of new equipment.

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National Coverage

Caltec Instrument Services can provide national coverage throughout the
United Kingdom

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Specialist instrument maintenance and calibration services from Caltec

Caltec Instrument Services Ltd are a specialist company offering on-site installation, maintenance and calibration of a wide range of industrial instrumentation, including; temperature, pressure, flow, level, conductivity and humidity.

All certification is traceable to national standards through a UKAS accredited laboratory.